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To solve all kinds of solitaire games try using Solvitaire

Solvitaire is a Windows application for playing and solving the card game known as solitaire (or patience).

You can choose to

Solvitaire supports the five most common variations of solitaire: Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid and TriPeaks.

At the heart of Solvitaire there is a program that can solve each of these types of game.

If you just want to play solitaire then you can do just that. But if you get to a point where you are stuck then you can ask if there is still a solution from that point. Solvitaire tell you, but will not show you the solution unless you ask for it. Playing solitaire becomes more fun because you can attempt more challenging deals without wasting time trying to solve them from an impossible position. Run through a few games of four suit Spider and you will soon see how Solvitaire can help you improve your solitaire game play.

If you have challenges you can't solve in Microsoft Solitaire Collection then you can get Solvitaire to read in the game and show you a solution. A lot simpler and quicker than trying to find a solution by searching the web and then playing the solution from someone's video of their own game.

You can download a 30 day free trial using the button below. No registration is required to use the trial version.

For details of how you use Solvitaire to solve solitaire games take a look at the Introduction to Solvitaire.

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